Jesus B

Hello, I am Jesus Botello and welcome to my efolio page or online portfolio. I am a native from the South Bend, Indiana area and I am graduating with a double major in Business and in Liberal Studies; also a minor in Global Perspectives. This efolio will give the viewers a chance to get to know me and learn about the Holy Cross College experience and how this experience has shaped my life.

Throughout my experience at Holy Cross College, I have been able to change my perspective in God, community, and the way to live life. I have also developed skills that would help me through my career and living a good life.

The theme of my eFolio is "Moving Forward, but Remembering the Past". Coming from a Hispanic background, one thing my dad has always told me is "Ay que saber el pasado, para saber honde ir" or "we must know the past, to know where we should go." This idea helps, I believe, everyone reflect on their life and how they have gotten to the position, or place that they are right now. So my efolio is a reflection of my experience at Holy Cross College.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my eFolio. Please click through the links on the left column to learn more about me and my experiances at Holy Cross College.